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Coding for a cause: 20-yr-old Asmi Jain from Indore wins WWDC23 challenge with health app

wwdca 2023 challenge

WWDC 2023 challenge– Upon hearing that her friend’s uncle had experienced eye misalignment and facial paralysis after brain surgery, Asmi channeled her programming skills to develop a solution.

As technology evolves at unprecedented speeds, few careers are as sought-after and lucrative in India as programming. And for 20-year-old Asmi Jain, a student at Medi-Caps University, coding is more than just a mere skill – it’s a means of making a difference.

wwdca 2023 challenge- Asmi jain
Coding for a cause: 20-yr-old Asmi Jain from Indore wins WWDC23 challenge with health app 3

Upon hearing about her friend’s uncle’s struggle with eye misalignment and facial paralysis after brain surgery, she put her programming talent to work. The result was an innovative playground app that helps users improve coordination by using eye-tracking technology to follow a moving ball on the screen and exercise their eye muscles.

WWDC 2023 Challenge

Asmi Jain, a resident of Indore, developed an app as part of the WWDC 2023 challenge (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference challenge) held annually. Students around the world participated in this initiative, using the Swift coding language to create an original app playground. Apple recognized an increased number of winners this year, with 375 students receiving recognition, up from the usual 350, to promote more inclusion and recognition.

According to a press release, Asmi Jain stated that creating an app that would positively impact people’s lives was crucial to him. He plans on seeking feedback to ensure the app meets user requirements and is easy to navigate, after which it will be released on the App Store. Ultimately, Jain’s goal is to enhance the muscles in the face and transform the app into a credible therapeutic tool, enabling people to use it at their own pace, just like his friend’s uncle.

Jain’s propensity to employ coding to address healthcare issues originated from years of volunteering to help society. She and her fellow students established a forum at her university to provide a support system for peers to overcome coding obstacles.

Asmi Jain Says, “Being part of something bigger motivates and drives me to do better. Coding allows me to create and help my friends and the community, empowering me with a sense of independence.”

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As WWDC 2023 challenge commences on June 5, tech enthusiasts from all corners of the world will converge to witness a captivating keynote, attend events, participate in labs, and engage in other activities tailored to the dynamic and diverse global Apple development community. Attendees can participate either virtually or in person, and the winners – well, they’ll be among them.

Asmi Jain is thrilled to be joined by two more outstanding individuals who were impressed by the Students Challenge event.
Yemi Agesin from the US proposes a first-person baseball game that alludes to two of his passions: filmmaking and sports. Meanwhile, Marta Michelle Caliendo’s memory game features anatomically-correct pictures of dinosaur fossils, which she drew in Procreate on iPad.Asmi Jain was joined by two other winners from the Students Challenge event. Yemi Agesin from the US created an engaging, first-person baseball game that blended two of his greatest interests – sports and filmmaking. Meanwhile, Marta Michelle Caliendo designed a memory game that displays anatomically correct illustrations of dinosaur fossils. She brought her visions to life with Procreate on the iPad – a truly remarkable achievement!

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