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8 Best AI Tools for PPT Makers for 2023

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Are you tired of spending endless hours crafting presentations? Want to captivate your audience with visually stunning and engaging slides? Look no further than AI-powered presentation makers. In this blog post, we’ll let you know about the top eight best AI tools for PPT to create impressive presentations in 2023.

What are the best AI presentation tools, and how do they work?

Cutting-edge software applications infused with AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms have revolutionized the way users create and deliver captivating presentations. By scrutinizing the presentation content, detecting patterns and trends, and offering insightful suggestions, these tools enhance the visual design and layout of slides, elevating the overall impact of the presentation.

How can an AI presentation tool help you?

  • By effortlessly providing text input on their feature or platform, designs can be swiftly crafted for you.
  • With just a few seconds, effortlessly infuse your presentation with brand assets: your logo, brand colors, and fonts. Achieve consistency throughout, effortlessly.
  • Teams can come together on a unified platform to enhance a presentation before the pivotal day, fostering better collaboration and achieving optimal results.
  • Professionals can integrate these presentation tools into their workplace apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • AI possesses the capability to rectify or modify elements when adding or removing components in a slide, ensuring seamless adjustments and enhancements to the overall presentation.
  • AI can organize your slides to help you tell a story.
  • These tools offer a range of built-in templates, including Powerpoint design templates, along with access to extensive image and video libraries. By leveraging these resources, you can enhance the appeal of your presentation and captivate your audience.

Best AI Tools for PPT


sendstep sai tool
sendstep sai tool

It is one of the best AI tools for PPT presentations. is revolutionizing presentations with its AI-powered tool that generates slides 10 times faster than traditional methods. Its user-friendly interface empowers users to effortlessly create stunning presentations, regardless of their design prowess. Choose from a diverse collection of templates and personalize them to cater to your unique requirements. Additionally, leverage the platform’s live polling, interactive Q&A sessions, and audience engagement tools for an unparalleled presentation experience.


beautiful ai tool
beautiful ai tool

Beautiful ai tool is an AI-driven presentation maker that excels at crafting captivating and polished presentations. With its powerful design engine, users can effortlessly create visually stunning slides with consistent design and layout. The extensive range of customizable templates offered by allows you to tailor your presentations to your exact needs. Not only does it boast features like automatic layout design, content suggestions, and seamless collaboration, but it also enhances the overall quality of your content, elevating it to new heights.

Here are some amazing features:

  • Unlock a world of possibilities for your presentation with access to a plethora of templates, an extensive slide library, and a vast collection of millions of photos and videos.
  • Customizable themes
  • Voice narration
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Seamless integrations with Slack,, Dropbox, and Powerpoint enhance productivity and collaboration.


Pro – $12/mo (billed annually)
Team – $40/user/mo (billed annually)
Enterprise – Schedule a Demo

3. Designs.AI

designs AI tool
designs AI tool

Designs.AI is more than just AI graphic design software. Additionally, they provide assistance in crafting videos, speeches, and presentations. Users can employ their Designmaker feature to create presentations powered by AI. Again, we consider it as one of the best AI tools for PPT.

Designs.AI simplifies the design process. Just enter your text into their tool, and their AI generates a wide range of artistic designs. Furthermore, you can effortlessly resize and modify them with their convenient one-click tool. Plus, you gain access to a vast library of design and video assets to enhance your presentations.


Basic – $29/mo
Pro – $69/mo
Enterprise – Customized

4. Presentations.AI

Presentations.AI stands out as one of the top AI presentation tools if you’re seeking an alternative collaborative solution. With their well-designed presentation templates and AI-powered assistance, you can effortlessly enhance your slides with various elements. Experience the best of both worlds – seamless functionality and exceptional design.

Presentations.AI is the perfect solution for individuals who frequently create presentations. While their Starter Plan covers the essentials like collaborative features, integrations, and unlimited presentations, their Pro Plan offers even more exclusive benefits. With the Pro Plan, you can unlock enhanced features that will elevate your presentation experience, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.

  • Access to premium templates
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Video collaboration


Starter – $10/mo
Pro – $25/mo
Gold – Talk to Sales

5. Kroma.AI

kroma ai tool
kroma ai tool

While Kroma.AI may come with a higher price tag compared to other AI presentation tools in this list, it does provide a free option. This feature is particularly useful if you wish to conduct a trial before committing to their subscription plan.

Kroma AI tool specializes in creating pitch deck designs that captivate investors and drive them to say YES. Whether you’re a startup founder seeking funding, Kroma.AI can effortlessly deliver a polished presentation in minutes. One of its standout features is its ability to seamlessly organize data using impeccably designed charts and graphs. Moreover, their extensive library offers a plethora of high-resolution images, icons, and videos to elevate the visual appeal of your presentation. Enhance your professional image by seamlessly incorporating your startup logo.


Explorer – Free
Premium – $49.99/mo
Enterprise – $1699/yr

6. Deck Robot

Deck Robot ai tool
Deck Robot ai tool

Looking to enhance your PowerPoint draft without spending countless hours on design? Discover the power of Deck Robot and its AI-backed platform. With this AI presentation maker tool, Simply upload your presentation and let Deck Robot work its magic, organizing and customizing it to perfection before your big moment. Not only that, but Deck Robot can also revamp your old branded PowerPoint to match your new colors, fonts, and other branding assets. Say goodbye to tedious beautification tasks and hello to stunning presentations effortlessly created with Deck Robot.

7. Slidebean AI Tool

Slidebean AI Tool
Slidebean AI Tool

Slidebean AI Tool is a top-notch AI presentation tool that caters to individuals seeking visually stunning pitch decks and business presentations. Whether you prefer building your own presentation or utilizing their presentation design service, Slidebean has a remarkable “Arrange with AI” feature that offers various design alternatives. One of the best AI tools for PPT if you are looking for it for free of cost.


Basic – Free
All Access – $29/mo

8. Pitches AI Tool

pitches AI tool
pitches AI tool

Pitches AI Tool stands as one of the leading presentation tools available in the market. It offers the ability to create presentations from scratch or utilize its impressive range of professionally designed templates. The AI functionality primarily focuses on editing and cropping, leaving users with complete control over the majority of features within the presentation maker.


Starter – Free
Pro – $8/mo


These 8 best AI tools for PPT have revolutionized the way we create and deliver presentations. With their innovative features and intuitive interfaces, they empower both professionals and educators to produce visually appealing and impactful slides without the need for extensive design skills. By leveraging the power of AI, you can enhance your presentations and captivate your audience in 2023 and beyond. So, embrace these AI tools and take your presentations to new heights!


Which AI tool is best for PowerPoint presentations?

1. is the best available tool for creating PPTs.

What is the best free AI tool to create PPT?

Pitches AI Tool stands as one of the leading free presentation tools available in the market. It offers the ability to create presentations from scratch or utilize its impressive range of professionally designed templates.

How do I create an AI in PowerPoint?

Simply log in to one of the best AI tools for PPT websites, and effortlessly express your requirements. It will intuitively generate a customized PPT, tailored precisely to your needs.


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