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Fireflies AI – Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons (October 2023)

Fireflies AI tool

From team calls to client meetings, the game is being transformed by AI transcription tools like Fireflies AI. These revolutionary tools transcribe spoken words into text and even generate summaries. Experience the power of seamless communication and documentation like never before.

What is Fireflies AI?

Fireflies AI is a remarkable notetaking platform that enhances productivity and organization during meetings. Leveraging its robust natural language processing technology, this AI platform effortlessly transcribes conversations and generates comprehensive summaries, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Experience a seamless and efficient meeting workflow with Fireflies AI.

This tool enhances the meeting process by offering user-friendly features such as customizable vocabulary, sentiment analysis, and identification of action items. It facilitates organization and keeps you on track with ease.

Fireflies AI Review

AI meeting and transcribing apps share a common objective: transforming audio from meetings into text, making information more accessible to all. For a closer examination of its capabilities, we thoroughly tested the Fireflies AI tool and compiled a comprehensive review of its features and functionalities.

fireflies ai features
fireflies ai features
  1. Audio file upload: Audio files can be uploaded to the platform and then transcribed and analyzed using cutting-edge natural language processing technology. Also, Users have the option to effortlessly upload audio and video files from popular cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, enabling seamless transcription and analysis.
  2. Google Chrome recorder: This AI note-taking platform enables users to effortlessly record and transcribe audio directly from their web browser, simplifying the process of capturing and analyzing online meetings.
  3. Soundbites: Users can effortlessly generate concise audio snippets from their recordings, facilitating the seamless sharing of pivotal moments with others.
  4. Smart search: Users can swiftly search for precise keywords and phrases in their transcriptions and recordings, enhancing their ability to locate desired content efficiently.
  5. Topic trackers: Users have the ability to effortlessly create trackers that automatically tag and categorize their transcriptions and recordings, using specific keywords and phrases as a basis. This ingenious feature streamlines organization and enhances efficiency, granting users unparalleled convenience and control.

Benefits of Fireflies AI

Below are some top benefits of Fireflies AI tool for notetaking.

  1. Developers can seamlessly integrate the Fireflies AI notetaker with various tools and systems, enabling enhanced productivity and collaboration.
  2. By providing users with the ability to discern the tone and sentiment of their conversations, it facilitates a deeper comprehension of the emotional backdrop in meetings. This invaluable insight empowers individuals to gain a more nuanced understanding of the context within which their interactions take place.
  3. Fireflies AI offers a range of features, including threaded comments, reactions, and seamless integration of recordings and transcriptions into various platforms and systems. This enhances collaboration, accessibility, and organization of information, providing users with an exceptional and efficient experience.
  4. The tool has the capability to automatically identify action items and follow-up tasks that are discussed during meetings, subsequently sending reminders to users. This functionality streamlines the process and ensures that important tasks are not overlooked.
  5. Zapier integration allows for seamless automation of audio and video file uploads, streamlining the transcription process.

Fireflies AI Price excels in pricing its features and offering plans, catering to a wide range of needs. With options ranging from a free forever plan to more advanced packages starting at just $29, stands out as a top choice for both individuals and organizations alike.

Pricing$0 (Free Forever)$18 per seat per month$29 per seat per monthCustom Pricing (Annual only)
Key Features1. Limited transcription credits and 800 minutes of storage/seat.

2. Record meetings conducted on Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and other web conferencing platforms.

3. Transcription for 30+ languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, etc.

4. Automated meeting summaries.
1. Unlimited transcription credits and 8000 minutes of storage/seat.

2. AI Super Summaries and smart search filters.

3. Keywords and topic-tracking.
1. Unlimited transcription credits and unlimited storage.

2. Video screen capture.

3. Conversation intelligence.

4. Unlimited public and private channels.
1. Unlimited transcription credits and unlimited storage.

2. Custom speech models.

3. Onboarding program.

4. SSO

5. Dedicated support.
Targeted AudienceIndividuals looking to test how works for transcription.Individuals and small teams.Fast-growing businesses and teams.Large-scale enterprises with high transcription needs and flexible budgets.
Fireflies Pricing and Plans

Although the fireflies ai pricing and plans offered by may appear appealing initially, they can be quite costly for individuals and small teams. Even if your requirement is simply generating transcripts for a few meetings, you will still be obligated to purchase the Pro plan.

fireflies ai price
fireflies ai pricing

FireFlies AI Alternatives

For a reliable and feature-rich alternative to, consider giving Notta a try. It offers incredible value for content creators, researchers, HR managers, podcasters, and other knowledge workers who frequently schedule meetings.

Notta is an exceptional meeting transcription tool that excels in recording, transcribing, and summarizing lengthy discussions into text. With its robust features, including cloud file transcription, Notta offers a remarkably affordable Pro plan starting at just $13.99 per user per month. It’s the ultimate choice for teams seeking seamless and efficient transcription solutions.

Although performs a similar function, Notta stands out with its feature-rich free plan. It has a few extra tricks up its sleeve, such as speaker recognition. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly transcribe pre-recorded media files in formats like WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, and more.

The Final words 

Fireflies ai is a leading transcription app in the voice-to-text space. It effortlessly transcribes meetings into text, eliminating the need for video time-wasting. Take note, the free plan is somewhat limited, providing only 1 credit per meeting. (1 credit = 1 meeting)

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