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Learn how to block spam emails in Gmail with these easy tips. Boost your online safety and productivity now!

block spam emails

Spam emails not only waste our time, but they can also pose a security risk. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that can help you block spam emails in Gmail. Emails have become an integral part of our lives, and Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers. However, with the increasing number of emails we receive, spam emails have also become a major problem.

If you’re struggling with a cluttered inbox flooded with spam that causes you to lose important emails, don’t worry! Here are some easy Gmail hacks to keep your inbox organized and spam-free. Learn how to delete spam and newsletters without the hassle and stay on top of your important emails!

7 Simple Ways to Block Spam Emails in Gmail

  1. Enable Gmail‘s built-in spam filter:
    Gmail’s spam filter automatically identifies and filters out most spam emails. To enable it, go to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Spam and turn on the “Filter spam messages” option. This will automatically move suspected spam emails to the spam folder.
  2. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails:
    Many spam emails come from legitimate companies that you may have subscribed to in the past. If you no longer want to receive their emails, look for the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email and click it. This will remove you from their mailing list and reduce the number of spam emails you receive.
  3. Create filters to block specific senders or keywords:
    You can create filters to automatically delete or move emails from specific senders or with specific keywords. To create a filter, click the three dots in the top right corner of an email and select “Filter messages like this.” Then, specify the sender or keyword and choose what action you want Gmail to take.
  4. Use third-party spam filters:
    There are many third-party spam filters available that can further enhance Gmail’s built-in spam filter. Some popular options include SpamHero, SpamExperts, and MailWasher. These filters use advanced algorithms to detect and block spam emails.
  5. Be careful when sharing your email address:
    One of the easiest ways for spammers to get your email address is by you sharing it online. Be careful when giving out your email address and avoid posting it publicly on social media or forums. Instead, use disposable email addresses or email aliases when possible.
  6. Use a temporary email ID
    -When you share your primary Gmail ID on random websites, your ID gets shared with several third parties, and you risk getting spam emails. Sometimes spam emails may look legitimate, and you might end up clicking on phishing links that could pose a risk to your personal information.
    -Instead of using your primary Gmail ID on all websites, you can share a temporary email id.
    -Visit any website that provides free temporary email IDs, such as
    -Now copy the temporary email address that’s available and use this instead of your actual email ID wherever you like, and you will get the emails here instead of your actual Gmail account. Alternatively, you can create a Gmail ID meant to be used only on such websites.
    In this way, your primary Gmail account will remain safe and spam-free.

So, spam emails can be a major annoyance, but with these simple tricks, you can significantly reduce the number of spam emails you receive. By enabling Gmail’s built-in spam filter, unsubscribing from unwanted emails, creating filters, using third-party spam filters, and being careful when sharing your email address, you can enjoy a cleaner and safer email inbox by implementing these tips to block spam emails.

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