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Tech News | Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Google I/O Keynote 2023

google I/O keynote 2023 highlights

Tech Crunch reports that Google’s updated Bard chat tool will be aided by PaLM 2, which will also serve as the foundational model for most of the company’s new AI features unveiled today. This move will allow Google to better compete against OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool.

Google’s I/O keynote was filled to the brim with exciting announcements. Among them are three new Pixel devices and a plethora of groundbreaking AI advancements.

Here is the Full Summary of Google I/O KeyNote

Google has wrapped up its Google I/O keynote, announcing significant updates to its Pixel lineup and showcasing its latest advancements in AI. In case you missed the live stream, we’ve compiled the most noteworthy news from the Google I/O keynote in one place for your convenience.

Detailed Announcements of Google IO 2023

1. Three new additions to the Pixel lineup

During the keynote, Google’s Pixel hardware stole the show as the company unveiled three new products: the cutting-edge Pixel Fold, the versatile Pixel Tablet, and the affordable Pixel 7A. The presentation left tech enthusiasts buzzing with excitement over the innovative features and sleek design of each device.

Google Pixel Fold

The Pixel Fold by Google costs $1,799 and marks the company’s initial foray into the foldable device market. It boasts a 5.8-inch OLED outer screen, that unfurls to unveil a larger 7.6-inch OLED display that also has a 120Hz refresh rate.

Additionally, the $499 11-inch Pixel Tablet functions as both a typical tablet and a smart display. The device comes with a magnetic charging dock that doubles as a speaker and is designed for optimal usability.

Google has beefed up its midrange A-series lineup with its most recent offering, the Pixel 7A. The gadget packs a punch with Google’s Tensor G2 chip, a 6.1-inch 1080p display capable of running up to 90Hz. The standard model retails for $499, while some carriers will offer the costlier $549 version that supports millimeter wave (mmWave) technology.

2. Google Search gets AI-powered “snapshots”

AI snapshot about Bryce Canyon

Google Search has a major update on the horizon in the form of something called AI snapshots. By opting in to a feature called Search Generative Experience (SGE), you’ll get AI-powered answers right at the top of your search results for relevant queries. These snippets add contextual depth to search results, allowing you to refine your information with follow-up questions.

Google’s updated large language model, PaLM 2, powers the AI snapshots. Announced at I/O, this model offers stronger reasoning, coding, and translation capabilities. Currently powering multiple Google services, including the Bard chatbot, it promises significant improvements to these technologies.

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3. Bard is now available to everyone

GIF showing Google Bard

GIF: By Google

In other news, Bard is now accessible to everyone, irrespective of their waitlist status. This AI-powered chatbot, provided by Google, comes with new features like support for Japanese and Korean languages, as well as providing an easier method for exporting the generated text to Google Docs and Gmail.

In addition to dark mode and visual search capabilities, Google is gearing up to add a host of new features soon. These include AI-generated images using Adobe’s Firefly image generator, integration with third-party services such as Instacart and OpenTable, and more.

4. Android is getting AI-powered customization options

google AI

AI isn’t just revolutionizing Google Search, but also bringing new AI-powered features to Android. One of these tools, dubbed Magic Compose, will live within Android’s Messages app, offering the option to reply to texts via suggested AI-based responses.

Google is giving its users more control over device personalization with two upcoming features. Firstly, a novel AI-based wallpaper creation tool will allow you to produce custom wallpapers from descriptions of desired elements. Moreover, exclusive to Pixel, a “cinematic wallpaper” feature adds vividness and depth to your device display using pre-existing photos.

5. Later this year, we have something exciting to look forward to; an all-new and upgraded Wear OS 4!

Google Calendar on the Pixel Watch

Image: By Google

Google is already preparing for Wear OS4, despite Wear OS 3 being in its rollout stages. The forthcoming updated system is poised to bring an array of new features including longer battery life, enhanced data back up and restore functions as well as exciting accessibility features.

Furthermore, Wear OS 4 is set to enhance smart home integrations, enabling users to tweak lighting, control media, and preview camera notifications with ease, straight from their watch. A developer preview and emulator for Wear OS 4 are available now, with full release expected later this year.

6. The launch of the revamped Google Home app

revamped Google Home app

Image: By Google

The new Google Home app has been taken out of invite-only public preview and will soon be available for all from Thursday, May 11th. This redesign boasts some significant improvements: a spruced-up camera interface, a fresh Favorites tab, and support for loads of novel device types.

7. Google Search’s latest feature, Perspectives, enables users to receive answers from authentic human sources.

Google has caught onto the fact that many users are adding “Reddit” to their searches. To address this need, it’s introducing a new Perspectives feature that gathers answers from a range of sources, including Stack Overflow, YouTube, personal blogs, and other sites, all of which will be easily accessible to users.

8. Google Photos adds an AI-powered Magic Editor

Magic Editor by Google

GIF: By Google

A new AI-powered editing feature is coming to Google Photos that allows for substantial photo edits! You can enhance the sky, move objects, and even rid the background of people. It’s slated for early access release to select Pixel users later this year.

9. Google introduces Duet AI for Workspace

Duet AI for Workspace

Image: Google / The Verge

Google has rebranded its suite of AI tools for Workspace apps. Dubbed “Duet AI,” these features enhance productivity in Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Gmail. Though they boast impressive capabilities, they’re only available to waitlisted users at present. Join the list now to use Duet AI for functions such as email drafting and generating images directly within Slides.

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