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Meta, Accenture, and Amazon to fire thousands of more employees

meta to fire more employees

In 2023, Meta plans to lay off thousands of employees, Amazon will be cutting back in select teams, and Accenture will be cutting 18,000 jobs over the course of a year and a half. For more information on these major workforce changes, keep reading.


  • Accenture announced the layoff of 18,000 employees will complete in 18 months.
  • Meta is to fire many employees in April and May 2023.
  • Amazon to eliminate more employees in the coming weeks.

The aftermath of tech layoff continues as Meta and Accenture announce the firing of thousands of employees. Even Amazon plans to eliminate staff from some teams until the end of April. Stay updated on the latest news as there may be more layoffs in the coming weeks. Learn more about the current tech layoffs with the latest information here.

Accenture confirmed layoff of 18,000 employees will complete in 18 months

Accenture plans to cut 19k jobs in the next 18 months, citing cost savings and long-term business support as their reason. Sources from India Today Tech reveal the company has begun to compile a list of employees to be released, with those not working on any projects to be cut first. Though there are not yet many layoffs, LinkedIn posts suggest that they have started sending notices to a few employees globally. Stay tuned for more information on Accenture’s layoffs in the coming weeks and months.

Meta to fire more employees in May 2023

Meta has recently begun laying off employees across various technical roles, including user experience, software engineering, graphics programming, and more. Layoffs were seen in Meta’s product-facing teams and are set to extend to business-facing teams, such as finance, legal, and HR. A spokesperson from Meta confirmed the cutbacks to CNBC, with further layoffs expected to take place in May of this year. Stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding Meta’s layoffs and restructuring plan.

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Amazon to eliminate more employees in the coming Months

Amazon has announced the layoff of 9,000 employees but confirmed that the terminations will not happen immediately. Already, over 100 people have received elimination emails in departments such as Prime Gaming, Game Growth, and the company’s San Diego studio. These changes reflect a shift in Amazon’s current strategy, highlighting the importance of careful management in business operations.

Amazon announces job cuts in multiple departments including AWS, PXT, Advertising, and Twitch. A complete evaluation of affected roles is to be finalized by April end. Expect more layoffs at Amazon in the upcoming weeks. Stay updated for more information.

Amazon has announced its commitment to support employees who have been laid off. The package includes generous benefits, such as separation payment, transitional health insurance, and external job placement support.

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