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Epic Microsoft Office License Deal | Get 90% Off Now!

Microsoft Office License Deal

Here is the big Microsoft Office License Deal. This price drop is for a Limited time, Grab it now

Microsoft Office is a reliable set of apps that have become commonplace on school and office computers. It includes well-known programs such as Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, and Outlook to manage emails and schedules; plus Access is exclusively available in Windows – all offering an unrivaled level of home office productivity. Although highly sought after these applications may not be cost-effective if purchased individually.

Big Microsoft Office License Deal

With Microsoft’s Office 365, you can access the full suite of apps for a fee that either requires an ongoing monthly or yearly subscription. However, StackSocial is offering limited-time savings on their perpetual license version of Office 2021 – one purchase nets you 90% off the regular cost and no additional charges! Choose from Windows or Mac OS to get your essential productivity tools in this highly discounted package deal.

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StackSocial Microsoft office offers an incredible deal when compared to the Microsoft office professional or Microsoft 365 package, which starts at a price of $7 per month or $70 yearly for individual users. There is also free online access to Office applications available; though it lacks certain features that may be limited solely by cost. Moreover, Apple consumers should take note – Outlook can now be enjoyed as a completely free app on their Mac systems!

Stipulations of Deal

With such an enticing Microsoft Office License Deal on the table, there are a few stipulations to consider. This key is limited for use with only one computer and won’t be transferable if your device happens to fail. Additionally, forgoing Office 365 also means foregoing potential perks such as OneDrive Cloud Storage or Microsoft Copilot’s AI-driven features; however, Office will remain in working order until 2026 when official support ends from Microsoft.

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Stack’s lifetime license offer has been running for a substantial period of time, making it an attractive alternative to purchasing a regular subscription from Microsoft. Even with the possibility that their license could be terminated at any moment, one can still realize immense savings over six months and reap significant returns on investment if they choose this deal.


In the age of digital transformation, Microsoft Office is an essential tool for anyone who works from home or in an office. It’s a reliable set of packages designed to make any individual’s day-to-day job significantly easier and faster. While previously this quality software may have been expensive when purchased individually, with the new solutions available from Microsoft’s Office License deal 365 and StackSocial, you can access it all for an affordable price. With their current limited-time offer of 90% off the regular cost and no additional charges, it’s an offer too good to pass up – grab this deal now before it ends!

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