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iPhone 15 Pro images leak, iOS 16.4 & new AirPods imminent

iPhone 15 Pro images leak

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro Max concept has caused quite a stir, revealing an impressively redesigned camera layout featuring variable aperture and USB-C Thunderbolt for the ultimate photography experience.

This week on AppleInsider Podcast, we take a look at what could be the iPhone 15 Pro with unforeseen alterations to its signature mute switch. We also discuss rumors of upcoming iOS 16.4 and possible new AirPods models!

As the anticipation builds for iOS 16.4’s release this March and Apple Music Classical launching around the same time, there appears to be more in store than previously thought. Hints within newly uncovered code suggest a new AirPod model could also be making an appearance soon while other rumors are circulating about iPhone 15 Pro set further into the future including potential changes such as replacing its iconic mute switch.

Anticipated Specs of iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out with its oversized camera bump, featuring two impressive cameras that allow for more versatile capturing than ever before. With a variable aperture and the rumored Periscope Lens, along with other features such as the Pro Flash Duo and dedicated depth mic to spotlight certain zones of interest while recording audio in-frame – users now have even greater control over their photography experience.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s back design is completely redesigned to accommodate the new camera bump layout. With ‘iPhone’ replacing the centralized Apple logo and another subtly placed at the bottom right, it creates a balanced composition much like that of a playing card.

Expected Changes in upcoming iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a revolution in camera technology, going beyond the 14 Pro’s relatively small improvements. Its brand-new layout offers increased versatility with an enormous lens that can adjust automatically to light conditions and another below it for superior zoom capabilities – bringing together elements from Android smartphones like OnePlus and Vivo into one exceptional package.

Apple’s latest endeavor of a variable aperture camera is as intriguing as it sounds. It works similarly to the human eye, widening in dimmer settings for more natural bokeh and shallow depth-of-field effects, but closing shut during brighter times to ensure deep clarity with higher focus levels. Additionally, their innovative Periscope Lens system emulates longer optical zoom capabilities than what would be normally possible through traditional lens technology – making this venture inspiringly revolutionary!

iphone 15 specs
Upcoming iPhone 15 specs

With Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro, some major changes are expected. EU legislation is speculated to be the impetus behind replacing the lightning port with USB-C; however, it seems likely that this may even further evolve given rumors of a potential shift towards Thunderbolt 4 technology as well. Though boasting no physical ports on its exterior could become commonplace in future iterations of iPhones and other mobile devices alike, MagSafe and wireless charging capabilities will still remain intact for now.

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The M1 chip is set to revolutionize the iPhone, offering users enticing features that were once imagined but seemed too distant for reality. The Dynamic Island has been substantially improved and expanded upon while other advancements such as an enhanced SOS feature, an always-on display, and a SIM-free build have all been incorporated into this revolutionary breakthrough.

The expected Launch date of the iPhone 15 PRO

Apple is gearing up to launch yet another innovative device, the iPhone 15 series in September 2023. However, with supply chain shortages becoming a global issue for many industries these days, it remains uncertain whether or not this highly anticipated smartphone will be released on schedule. It has also been rumored that an exciting new VR/AR wearable may finally arrive by the end of this year!

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