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Novel AI Review (2023): Is It the Best AI Story and Image Generator? Let’s Find Out

Novel AI Login

Novel AI is a remarkable story generation software that employs cutting-edge and robust AI algorithms to effortlessly create original and imaginative content within seconds. With NovelAI, you can effortlessly generate captivating stories, indulge in AI-powered text games, and unlock the ability to generate breathtaking fantasy-style artwork in a matter of moments.

NovelAI offers a complimentary trial for story generation and text adventures. However, please note that the image generation feature is available as a paid service.

Getting Started with Novel AI

It’s incredibly effortless to begin using NovelAI since there’s no requirement to sign up. Access the tool and dive right in! You can just click on Start Writing for Free and use the tool

To commence your writing journey with Novel AI, visit the homepage at and click on the “Start writing for free” button.

Once you’ve done that, a writing view opens up:

Novel AI Tool

You have three options available to select from.

  1. Storyteller
  2. Text adventure
  3. Image generation

To craft a captivating and one-of-a-kind narrative, begin your journey by embracing the Storyteller mode.

Key Features

  • Storyteller mode.
    Novel AI Storyteller mode boasts an exceptional main story generator feature. With a simple click of a button, you provide basic input and watch as the AI constructs a story for you, piece by piece. Not only does this mode produce unique and imaginative content, but it also grants you complete control over the narrative, allowing for effortless edits, recreations, and more.
  • Text Adventure mode.
    Embark on an immersive journey with the captivating text adventure mode. This extraordinary text game beckons your imagination to craft the perfect setting and character. As you provide input, our AI will astutely handle the unfolding actions, painting a vivid tale tailored to your choices. Prepare for an experience like no other, where authorship and exploration intertwine seamlessly.
  • Image generation mode.
    Certainly, an AI story generator tool would greatly benefit from an accompanying image generator. With this feature, you can effortlessly bring your stories and novels to life with captivating, fantasy-style visuals. All it requires is a simple text input based on your imagination, and it will produce a truly unparalleled and authentic image.
  • Free trial.
    With a generous free trial spanning 50 generations, Novel AI offers the opportunity to explore the boundless realms of story generation and text adventure. Please note that while image generations are excluded from the trial, the enchantment of crafting narratives is fully accessible.
  • Custom editor.
    Personalize the Novel AI editor to suit your preferences. Adjust fonts, colors, and layouts with ease. This invaluable feature is particularly convenient for users spending substantial time on the editor.
  • Story encryption.
    NovAI safeguards your creative work, ensuring that all AI-generated content remains yours exclusively. It resides securely on an encrypted server, impervious to any attempts at theft.
  • Knows many writing styles and authors.
  • The NovelAI language model possesses the remarkable ability to write in various techniques and styles, emulating literary giants like Stephen King and William Shakespeare.

Novel AI Modes

Noval AI primarily focuses on two vital factors: story generation and image generation. We excel in crafting compelling narratives and generating stunning visuals.

Novel AI Story Generation

First and foremost, let’s shift our attention to the remarkable abilities of story generation in NovelAI. More precisely, within NovelAI, we can distinguish between two distinctive modes.

  • Storyteller for creating stories from scratch.
  • Text Adventure for playing an AI-powered text game.

1. Storyteller Mode

Let’s start with the Storyteller mode.

NovelAI storytelling

Theteller mode offers a seamless text editing experience, empowering you to effortlessly express your thoughts and ideas with a blank canvas.

By the way, if you’re dissatisfied with the sentence generated by NovelAI, you have the option to click the retry button.

2. Text Adventure Mode

Interacting with Novel AI offers a captivating experience by creating a classic text adventure. In this mode, immerse yourself in a game where you have the power to generate scenes and characters. Guide the characters with your instructions, while the AI showcases its creative prowess by playing the game on your behalf. Enjoy an engaging and imaginative journey with Novel AI.

For instance, let’s embark on a thrilling text adventure as we join Alice, a nimble rabbit sprinting across a moonlit field.

Novel AI Text adventure

Lines with “>” denote instructions given to the game character, while lines without “>” symbolize the actions generated by the AI in response to my input during the game. The guidelines highlight crucial elements for refining the writing, including word choice, structure, readability, and eloquence, while maintaining the original meaning.

Once more, this has been an incredibly enlightening experience for me! I was pleasantly surprised by the storytelling prowess of AI. However, it’s not entirely unexpected considering the remarkable capabilities of modern AI and the abstract nature of crafting a game like this. In this realm, there isn’t a definitive right or wrong; it’s all about exploration and creativity.

What’s even better is that this feature comes at no cost (although there’s a finite number of credits available). Hence, you have the opportunity to experience this remarkable text adventure game firsthand!

Novel AI Image Generator: Best AI image generator

NovelAI also supports AI art generation.
Simply tap into the recesses of your imagination to provide input, and let the AI handle the rest. With NovelAI, you can even fine-tune the parameters for image generation, allowing for greater customization.

Novel AI image generator

And now, presenting the result:

Best AI image generator Novel AI

This remarkable achievement became possible due to the significant advancements in AI between 2020 and 2022. Prior to this era, the idea that AI would have the ability to generate such incredible images was inconceivable.

However, as a storyteller, you may find these images valuable should you wish to incorporate them into your narratives.

Upon exploring NovelAI’s storyteller, text adventure, and image generation capabilities, it becomes evident that this tool presents a highly effective means of harnessing AI for the creation of captivating stories and stunning visuals.

The AI’s output is crucially dependent on its grammar and ability to captivate the reader. While generating blog posts, however, AI often struggles with conveying accurate information. Fortunately, this concern becomes irrelevant in the context of story generation.

Novel AI Pricing

Novel AI pricing

NovelAI offers a complimentary trial period for you to explore. Once you’ve experienced the trial, you can select from three distinct paid plans that best suit your needs.

  • Tablet: $10/month
  • Scroll: $15/month
  • Opus: $25/month

Pros and Cons of Novel AI

Pros of Novel AI

  • Free trial. Experience the incredible free trial of Novel AI, unlocking the innovative storytelling and captivating text adventure features it offers.
  • Creative. NovelAI’s sophisticated AI algorithms are meticulously designed to rapidly generate exceptional, innovative, and imaginative stories. All that’s required is a small nudge in the right direction.
  • Different modes. NovelAI offers more than just an AI-powered story generator. It provides a captivating text adventure mode and an impressive image generation mode, enhancing the overall user experience.

Cons of Novel AI

  • Limited free trial. While the free trial does have its limitations, it’s important to note that the story-generating features are readily available without any sign-up requirement. However, it’s worth mentioning that access to the image-generating capabilities requires a paid subscription.
  • Clunky UI. I attempted to generate an image using the free version of the tool. However, I encountered difficulty in locating the signup button, which was necessary to proceed. Additionally, the tool lacks comprehensive guidance on utilizing its features effectively. It seems to assume familiarity with text adventures or experience as a story writer.
  • No “full story” option. The division between whether this is deemed favorable or unfavorable remains a topic of debate. NovelAI operates by generating stories incrementally, lacking the functionality to produce a complete story all at once.

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